July: Increases risk aversion due the results of Brexit

Vídeo publicado el 05/07/2016

The behavior of different European assets has been uneven during the first half of the year. While the stock market closed with sharp losses, fixed income government has shown exceptional behavior. In this divergence it has contributed to the decision of the British to leave the European Union, which has led to widespread falls of risky assets and a sharp depreciation of the pound after the outcome of the referendum. Also, the investor has sought refuge in assets such as German debt, gold or the dollar. Doubts about the future development of political and economic framework between the UK and the EU add an extra degree of uncertainty to the current environment, increasing more so the current volatility of financial assets. In this context, it is recommended to invest in a prudent manner, with maximum diversification and long term. Antonio Martos, address Customer Strategy, presents in this video investment prospects for the month of July in the financial markets. You can keep informed of the topicality of the financial markets on the web "Sabadell Investor".