May: investment perspectives for financial markets

Vídeo publicado el 08/05/2017

Part of the political uncertainty which has been affecting Europe has been dispelled following the results of the first round of the French presidential elections. Opinion polls on the second round of elections, which will take place on May 7th, already place Macron, the leader of a pro-European party, as the next President of France. Equities perform better than fixed income in the current environment, with macro data, which continues to exceed expectations in Europe, providing support for the growth of corporate earnings for 2017, which is a welcome change after five years in which corporate earnings growth estimates have been gradually revised downwards. The discourse of the main central banks has changed towards a less expansionary approach, and this will progressively drive long-term interest rates upwards and will have a similar effect on zero and negative rates of return on European fixed income. Elena Serrano, of the Customer Strategy Division, explains the investment outlook for financial markets in May. For updated information on financial markets please visit our website: